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  1. FACS Summer Learning Program

    Students from both better-off and disadvantaged backgrounds make similar achievement gains during the school year. However, during the summer the disadvantaged youth from homes without books fell significantly behind in reading.

    Below are a list of fun sites that will help your student beat the summer slide. Your FACS student is already familiar with these sites and has been taught how to use them. Most are mobile friendly sites that you can access from a tablet or smart phone.

    For the students with the most minutes in MobyMax, we will be giving away prizes including an MP3 player, gift certificates to Scholastic, dress down coupons, homework coupons and more... You must get your MobyMax time in before July 31st.

    All Students

    MobyMax.com In Math and Language, MobyMax students increased an average of 1.5 grade levels with just 40 hours of practice! All FACS K-12 students have an account with MobyMax.
    To login, please use your student's first name and the first letter of their last name (no spaces, all lower case). Your student will know their password.

    Starfall.com For early readers, this is a great place to start. Kindergartners and 1st graders love this site.

    PBSKids.org With educational games centered around PBS shows and characters, this appeals to all ages.

    Suessville.com Reading and exploring are just the thing to do, if you like to have fun with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

    ABCya.com Fun educational games for grades K-5.

    ToyTheater.com Lots of small toys that make your creative imagination work harder that you realize. These toys are digital so there's nothing to clean up.

    NatGeo Kids Love animals and nature? God has designed amazing creatures and you can watch videos and learn about them at National Geographic.

    Pilgrim's Progress

    Pilgrim's Progress is a story about the journey of life as a Christian. It teaches about overcoming fear, self-doubt, and despair.

    Summer Reading

    We use Accelerated Reader 360 for our reading program. If you would like to check if a book has AR points, enter the title here. There are plenty of great books, here are some lists to get you started.


    Advanced Students

    Librivox Listen to audio books read by volunteers. These classics are perfect for auditory learners and struggling readers, or anyone who likes a good book while on a family road trip.

    DirtCabinCraft If your student plays Minecraft in multiplayer mode, they can play with other FACS students and build to the sun. This server offers word filtering, faculty and student moderators, creative plots, and more. Please report any griefing in the forums.
    Register your existing Minecraft account in the forums to get access to /kit tools, /kit blocks, and /kit furniture in Survival.
    To play, select multiplayer mode, add mp.dirtcabincraft.com to your server list.