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  1. School Supply Lists

    Please bring school supplies to orientation.

    2 Box of 24 Crayons Coloring Book (Appropriate) School Box (6x9)
    1 Pink Eraser 2 Standard Boxes of Tissues Water Color Paint (like Prang)
    2 box #2 Pencils 2 Containers of Clorox Wipes Fiskars Scissors (Rounded Tip)
    4 Elmer's Glue Stick 2 3-prong folders with pockets Playdoh brand 4 pack
    Change of clothes Large white poster board Cloth face mask
      Dry erase markers w/ erasers attached  
      1st Grade  
    1 package of #2 Pencils Coloring Book (Appropriate) Dry erase markers w/ eraser attached
    Crayons (24) No Twitables Crayola Water Colors 2-Two Pocket Folders (w/o holes)
    2 Standard Boxes of Tissues 1 Pink Eraser Fiskars Scissors (Rounded Tip)
    School Box (6x9) No pouches/bags Clorox/Lysol Wipes Playdoh brand 4 pack
    3 Elmer’s Stick Glue Small Dry Erase Board 1 Emer's School Glue 4oz White
    2 3-prong folders s/ pockets Large white poster board Cloth face mask
      2nd Grade  
    School Box (6x9) 4 Standard Boxes of Tissues 1 – 12” Ruler w/ centimeters
    2 Pkg. #2 Pencils Crayons (24) Dry Erase Marker & Small Eraser
    1 Pkg. of Cap Erasers 2 Marble Composition Notebooks 2 Poly Folders w/pockets 
    Scissors (Rounded Tip) Large white poster board Cloth face mask
      Notebook Paper (NOT College-ruled)  
      3rd Grade  
    Colored Pencils (12) 1 Ruler w/ Centimeters (12") Scissors (5”, blunt tip)
    1 Red Pocket Folder 2 Highlighters (any color) Plain # 2 Pencils (36 pencils)
    3 Pink Erasers (Medium) 1 set Multiplication Flashcards Lysol Wipes
    Wide-ruled Notebook Paper (300sheets) 3 Standard Boxes of Tissues 1 one-inch 3 rind binder (plain)
    Glue Sticks Large white poster board Cloth face mask
      4th Grade  
    Block & Cap Erasers No.2 Pencils 2 Highlighters
    12 Pk Colored Pencils Pencil Pouch or case 3pk Wide Rule Paper
    12" Ruler w/ centimeters 1 two-pocket folder 3pk Clorox Wipes
    3 Boxes of tissues Hand Sanitizer Flash cards(add/sub/mult/div)
    Glue Sticks Scissors Large white poster board
    Sterillite storage box (6qt-white) *Walmart for $.97 Cloth face mask Red ink pens (non-erasable)
      5th Grade  
    2 Container of Wet Wipes 3 pkg. Notebook Paper/Wide ruled 3 Standard Boxes of Tissues
    3 Dark, Broad-tipped Dry Erase Markers 1 set of 5 pocket dividers 1 (1") Binder
    2 doz. No.2 Pencils (no mechanical) 1 pk cap erasers 4 glue sticks
    1 small pair scissors 1 pk Highlighters 1 Pencil pouch (no boxes)
    Red ink pen (non erasable) 1 bottle hand sanitizer 4 Composition Notebooks
    Colored pencils 24 count Large pink eraser 12" Ruler
      Large white poster board Cloth face mask
      Art Supplies for K5-5th Grades  
      1 Large White Poster Board  


    6th - 8th Grade
    Pencil Pouch 2 pkg #2 Pencils Cloth Face Mask
    4 Highlighters 1 pkg Colored Pencils 2 Standard size boxes tissues (not travel size)
    Notebook for All Subjects (5) Dividers 1 pkg cap erasers
    Notebook Paper 1 pkg Graph Paper NIV Bible (Old & New Testaments)
    1 Ruler w/ centimeters 1 pk Index Cards (3x5) 1 Bible Journal (5x7 spiral type)
    Hand sanitizer Disinfectant Wipes Scientific Calculator
    1 pack Glue Sticks 1 Pair Scissors  


    9th-12th Grade    
    Pencil Pouch 9th-12th Grade Bible 9th-12th Algebra & Geometry
    2 pkg #2 Pencils 1 Composition Notebook 1 Composition Book
    1 pkg red grading pencils   Casio Scientific Calculator 0516 (Casio FX-300ES Plus 16 Digit)
    3 Highlighters   2 Pocket folders with prongs
    1 pkg Colored Pencils    
    NIV Bible   12th Liberal Arts Math
    2 Standard size boxes of Tissues   1 Composition Notebook
    Notebook Paper   2 Pocket folders with prongs
    9th-12th Science   9th – 12th Language Arts
    1 1" Binder   1 (1 1/2”) 3-Ring binder w/ pockets
        1pk (3count) sticky notes (multi-colored)
        1pk (5 count) dividers for binders


  2. Covid Supplies

    Face Mask - Parents will need to purchase cloth face masks, so they can be washed at home. 

    • Washable
    • Sit comfortably over nose and mouth.
    • Plain colors are best. Appropriate in message. No skulls please.


    Water Bottle - Students should bring filled water bottles daily, as we will not use water fountains.